Top 5 Back exercises

Top 5 Back Exercises


Here is a list of my top 5 back exercises to make your stronger. You may find some are already in your list and some are not.

These exercises are also great for fat loss. For more tips on how to burn fat check out this post here

Top 5 Back exercises

Depending on your goals affects what tempo/speed you perform the reps at. Later i will be posting about tempo training and its methods on my site.
These exercises work for people who want to burn fat tone up and or build muscle



Top 5 Back Exercises – Barbell DeadliftsTop 5 Back exercises

This exercise not only hits your back, it hits the full posterior chain from your calves to upper traps. Form over ego is always the number one rule so make sure you keep technique spot on.

You can progress to a massive lift due to the other muscles being recruited to help with the lift releasing hormones for building that all important muscle mass

  1. Stand with bottom of toes directly underneath bar
  2. Grab onto bar(not lift) then move onto your heels, stretch out your hamstrings to flatten your back out and have a nice straight back before lift
  3. Pull bar keeping back straight and naval (belly button) in shoulders rise as hips drive up
  4. finish with shoulders back, back staying in alignment squeezing your glutes to finish
  5. lower slowly to start again



Top 5 Back Exercises – Wide Grip Pull upsTop 5 Back exercises

Possibly the hardest bodyweight exercise of the lot. Applied an overhand wide grip puts more emphasis on your lats and back. Do them strict with slow form for best gains.

You can add resistance to make it harder using a weight belt or gripping a dumbbell with your toes. For beginners you can use resistance bands to help you spring up or an assisted pull up machine.


  1. Grab bar overhand and wider than shoulder width
  2. Cross legs over for central balance and lean back slightly
  3. Pull yourself up until chin is bar height. shoulder blades should be retracted and elbows behind body
  4. Lower yourself down slowly for a strict negative finish



Top 5 Back Exercises – Dumbbell RowTop 5 Back exercises

This is a cracking unilateral exercise (works 1 side at a time) that allows you to pull a massive resistance. You can also pinpoint weaknesses if one side is stronger than the other so then you can train weaker side to catch up.

The twist also works your core (abs/tva obliques) as there is a slight rotation motion going on there

  1. Approach the flat bench. If useing right hand to pull plant grip bench with left hand and place left knee below hips on bench.
  2. Make sure hands directly below shoulders and knee below hip. Your right foot stance wide(ish) to keep hips flat
  3. Grab dumbbell with right hand, keep back straight and pull the dumbbell up towards your right hip. Elbow stays close to body
  4. Finish with elbow by your side and right shoulder squeezed and elevated
  5. Slowly bring dumbbell back down until back flat and arm almost locked straight



Top 5 Back Exercises – Horizontal Bent Over Barbell RowTop 5 Back exercises

Probably the next best to Deadlift on lifting volume. Performing this exercise will work the large muscle groups on the upper and lower back equally giving you a great overall back building exercise.

To get the most out of this exercise perform with quality form with a slow tempo, when you do watch out for the back DOMS over the next couple days

  1. Approach bar with bottom of toes underneath
  2. Grab bar underhand slightly wider than shoulder width
  3. Stretch out your hamstrings by moving onto your heels and flattening your back. Brace
  4. Pull to naval or sternum. Your back/legs should be fixed and not flexing



Top 5 Back Exercises – Wide Grip Seated Cable RowTop 5 Back exercises

This exercise puts more emphasis onto your upper lats. You may find this difficult at first as the standard cable rows are close grip. Close a lighter weight and perform slowly.

  1. Sit down and place feet on pads. soft knees and back neutral
  2. Lean forward and get ready. make sure back is neutral and naval in. Elbows shoulder width apart
  3. Pull bar to sternum and retract shoulders so that they are now sitting behind ears.squeeze top of your back
  4. Slowly bring back to around about your knees to finish

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