Top 4 Full Body Exercises

Top 4 Full Body Exercises

Top 4 Full Body Exercises

Here is a list of my Top 4 Full Body Exercises for Fat Loss and Muscle Tone. These exercises may not be in everyones list but for me it works me up to a sweat.

Have a go or add them into your weekly workouts. for more info how to change your gym program check out the post here


Barbell Thrusters Top 4 Full Body Exercises A Crossfit favourite. Sometimes called a squat-press.

Because of the amount of muscles being used, the more the resistance the more you gain. Beware the DOMS the next day.

  1. Start with barbell along front of the shoulders. feet in line with hips and feet slightly pointed out
  2. Squat the bar while maintaining neutral spine. elbows touching knees
  3. As you stand up press mid squat to finish with bar above your head




BB Row/DeadliftCame across this one recently. The day after doing simple 10 reps of 4 sets you could really feel the back aching.Top 4 Full Body Exercises

You also get a good hamstring stretch from the negative on the deadlift and as you fixate your legs to row.

Difficult exercise to master but an awesome lift

  1. Toes over the bar in deadlift postion
  2. Deadlift the bar and back(you could also stiff deadlift to hit glutes more)
  3. Maintaining the back position and stretch on your hamstrings row the bar to top of your abs and back
  4. Repeat



Weighted Pull ups Top 4 Full Body Exercises Nothing says strong back without a wide arm pull up. equally more impressive when you see women doing this. Great for strengthen back and biceps

  1. Stand a dumbbell on its side then clench your toes upwards when you pull up. Hard work!
  2. Grip overhand and wider than shoulder width
  3. Turn knuckles up so they are facing ceiling and pull up
  4. Squeeze lats for a second or 2 before lowering back down for 1 rep


Check out this post on how to do a pull up here




Accentuated Training DB Chest Fly/Press This lift makes the negative the hardest part of the lift so you will find that you will really feel this work

  1. Find a resistance that is almost 5 RM.
  2. Lie flat on a bench with dumbbells mid chest and palms facing out
  3. Push the dumbbells up until arms almost locked
  4. Switch palms around until facing each other keeping elbows fixed
  5. Slowly bring dumbbells outwards keeping elbows fixed until chest height then start again
  6. Chest press the dumbbells to start then at the top ‘fly’ them by to the start point near your chest.


Good luck!

Any questions feel free to ask on here or on my facebook page here

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