What is Tempo Training


Tempo training


What is Tempo Training



tempo trainingWhat is Tempo Training? Tempo training is the speed you perform the exercise. Depending on the outcome of your session depends on how fast you perform the rep at.

For example. Sprinters for 100 metres will train to get faster so need a lot of power output. To do this they need to have maximum strength and maximum speed to achieve this.

On the opposite end of the scale would be a marathon runner. Marathon runners need a lot of muscular and cardiovascular endurance to run for 3/5 hours nonstop



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Tempo Training – Twitch fibres

Your body is made up of fast and slow twitch fibres, some people have more so than others. You can change the amount of either fast or slow fibres (although some down to genetics) by how you train.

Marathon runners, swimmers anything long distance require Slow Twitch Fibres. Muscles that contain a lot of slow twitch fibres are red and Slow twitch muscle fibres rely on a rich supply of oxygenated blood as they use oxygen to produce energy for muscle contraction.

Sprinters, Power Lifters require type 2 fast twitch fibres. Fast twitch muscles are good for rapid movements like jumping to catch a ball or sprinting for the bus. They contract quickly, but get tired fast, as they consume lots of energy.




Tempo Training – Conclusiontempo training

It is essential to GOAL SET so you know exactly what you want from training.

Gym training you can mix up your sets by doing very slow controlled or even pause reps for slow twitch fibres, this is harder but safer as you are in control better and you could argue you burn more calories as you are training the rep for longer



Explosive reps (slow negative then fast) for fast twitch fibres trains for power. Remember if you start to slow down you will lose your power output (max speed + max strength = max power)


Train for fast twitch fibres this is because the slow twitch motor units engage before the fast twitch motor units anyway. So, by training fast twitch you’ll be training all of the units



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