Supplements List 2017

Supplements List 2017

Few people online asking which ones I use so here we are. At the bottom of the post I will put on the deal of the week




Monster Supplement Stack – CNP Pro Peptide with FREE Pro Pane – Click HERE – £50 for both.



Pro Peptide – Post Workout £50 for both

Class product with outstanding flavour. ideal for topping up your porridge. I mean Chocolate caramel brownie (yum)

Nutritional Info: per 65g serving (3 scoops although I only take 2) 232 kcal (or 154 kcal – 2 scoops); fat 2.6g (or 1.7g); Carbs 5.4 with 2g sugars (or 3.6g of which sugars 1.3g); Fibre 2.2g (or 1.5g); Protein 45g (or 30g) salt .59g (or 0.39g)

Protein blend is a Micellar Casein Blend and also contains Glutamine egg whites and whey protein


excellent pump from this. works with me

Nutritional Info: per 20g serving(1 scoop) 73kcal; ZERO fat; 5.4g carbs with ZERO sugars; 0.2g fibre; 13g Protein; Salt 0.12g

Strength Pump Matrix: Citrulline Malate 2:1 6000mg ; Creatine Monohydrate 3500mg; Arginine Nitrate3000mg; Beta Alanine 2000mg; Pycogenol (pine bark extract) 200mg

Energy and Focus: Taurine 1800mg; Coffiene 300mg (natural coffee extract); Vitamin Blend 200mg

Hydration Blend: Magnesium 75mg; Sodium 45mg; Potassium 32mg




I was drinking green tea but found that I was drinking water and green tea all the time. When you take the capsules you just need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. Much easier

PhD LEAN DEGREE  – Cost £14.99

TAKE 2 SERVINGS PER DAY (although I sometimes only take 2 in the morning) Ideal wake up call, especially before a morning fasted HIIT session. Do not take after 5pm as

Ingredients per capsule

Bitter Orange Peel 175mg; Green tea Extract(50% polyphenols) 125mg; Caffeine anhydrous 100mg; L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 75mg; L-Tyrosine 50mg; Green Coffee bean extract(19%) 30mg; Alpha lipoic acid 25mg; Dandelion Root (taraxacum officinale) 13mg; BioPerine (black pepper extract) 2mg; Cayenne pepper extract .10mg

Click here for item


My Protein – Impact Whey

Usually when I want to stock up and bulk up I buy this MYProtein favourite. Excellent for cost and value and ideal for those looking for a low cost with a quality brand

At the minute is 30% off so 5K for £38.49 so that’s around 2 months worth of servings!!

Buy the unflavoured version for lower cost. CLICK HERE



PhD Nutrition Advanced Multi Nutrient, L-Leucine 90ct and Stainless Steel Shaker

PhD Nutrition Advanced Multi Nutrient, L-Leucine 90ct and Stainless Steel Shaker Details
  • PhD Nutrition Advanced Multi Nutrient
  • PhD Nutrition Leucine
  • PhD Nutrition Stainless Steel Shaker

The PhD Nutrition Advance Multi Nutrient is a fantastic multi vitamin and mineral supplement.

PhD Multi Nutrient Supplement is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing and great for those who partake in regular exercise.

The PhD Advanced Multi Nutrient features a complex formula, designed to support male athlete health. Containing over 60 active ingredients, including 20 vitamins and minerals.


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PhD Nutrition Leucine tablets are a premium Leucine supplement. It is ideal for those who seek increase muscle repair & improved recovery. Perfect to be taken before or after exercise.

L-Leucine is an essential Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA). This Amino Acid is essential for tissue repair within the muscles and cannot be produced by the body.



My Protein – Liquid Chalk

I never use gloves. I think the gloves do not strengthen your forearm as much as without them. but for extra grip I use My Protein liquid chalk.

This way I can lift much more volume and strengthen forearms. Chalk on its own seems to dry/disintegrate very quickly whereas the liquid form lasts longer.

Essential piece of gym kit. Click here to buy




Lets Max those gains and Smash those PB’s


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