Supplements List 2017

Supplements List 2017

Few people online asking which ones I use so here we are. At the bottom of the post I will put on the deal of the week




Monster Supplement Stack – CNP Pro Peptide with FREE Pro Pane – Click HERE – £50 for both.



Pro Peptide – Post Workout £50 for both

Class product with outstanding flavour. ideal for topping up your porridge. I mean Chocolate caramel brownie (yum)

Nutritional Info: per 65g serving (3 scoops although I only take 2) 232 kcal (or 154 kcal – 2 scoops); fat 2.6g (or 1.7g); Carbs 5.4 with 2g sugars (or 3.6g of which sugars 1.3g); Fibre 2.2g (or 1.5g); Protein 45g (or 30g) salt .59g (or 0.39g)

Protein blend is a Micellar Casein Blend and also contains Glutamine egg whites and whey protein


excellent pump from this. works with me

Nutritional Info: per 20g serving(1 scoop) 73kcal; ZERO fat; 5.4g carbs with ZERO sugars; 0.2g fibre; 13g Protein; Salt 0.12g

Strength Pump Matrix: Citrulline Malate 2:1 6000mg ; Creatine Monohydrate 3500mg; Arginine Nitrate3000mg; Beta Alanine 2000mg; Pycogenol (pine bark extract) 200mg

Energy and Focus: Taurine 1800mg; Coffiene 300mg (natural coffee extract); Vitamin Blend 200mg

Hydration Blend: Magnesium 75mg; Sodium 45mg; Potassium 32mg




I was drinking green tea but found that I was drinking water and green tea all the time. When you take the capsules you just need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. Much easier

PhD LEAN DEGREE  – Cost £14.99

TAKE 2 SERVINGS PER DAY (although I sometimes only take 2 in the morning) Ideal wake up call, especially before a morning fasted HIIT session. Do not take after 5pm as

Ingredients per capsule

Bitter Orange Peel 175mg; Green tea Extract(50% polyphenols) 125mg; Caffeine anhydrous 100mg; L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 75mg; L-Tyrosine 50mg; Green Coffee bean extract(19%) 30mg; Alpha lipoic acid 25mg; Dandelion Root (taraxacum officinale) 13mg; BioPerine (black pepper extract) 2mg; Cayenne pepper extract .10mg

Click here for item


My Protein – Impact Whey

Usually when I want to stock up and bulk up I buy this MYProtein favourite. Excellent for cost and value and ideal for those looking for a low cost with a quality brand

At the minute is 30% off so 5K for £38.49 so that’s around 2 months worth of servings!!

Buy the unflavoured version for lower cost. CLICK HERE



My Protein – Liquid Chalk

I never use gloves. I think the gloves do not strengthen your forearm as much as without them. but for extra grip I use My Protein liquid chalk. This way I can lift much more volume and strengthen forearms. Chalk on its own seems to dry/disintegrate very quickly whereas the liquid form lasts longer.

Essential piece of gym kit. Click here to buy




Lets Max those gains and Smash those PB’s


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