Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training
Anyone do sport specific training? If training for any sport you have to incorporate movements in training that happen in gametime.
Not doing this could actually regress your performance.
Rotation movements are in the transverse plane and include any twisting motion. Endless workouts working only anterior and posterior chain can cause ‘mechanic disconnections’ causing disruptions to posture and movement patterns
Sport Specific Training
For example deadlifts and squats. Hip hinge exercise that strengthens the posterior chain but causing spinal decompression around the rip cage making it hard to twist.
If your hips are not turning what is? your knees? your ankles? Kettlebell training works well . It’s ballistic movement nature hitting all planes. Check out this post on kettlebells by clicking on the link
Personally I do squats and Deadlifts and i do play/do sports (football/badminton/running but it will only account for small part
(probably a 1/4) of my actual workout.
If you want to be a better runner train by running, a better footballer train playing football(see Raymond verheijen). There are methods to train speed and strength by doing your sports and also ways of getting stronger by myofascial release techinques (see naudi aguilar) he for me is leading the way forward for better bio-mechancial connections in human movements
Train the mechanics not the ego
Sport Specific Training#trainhard

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