Reasons to love HIIT?

Reasons to love HIIT

Reasons to love HIIT

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is working in your anaerobic zone for a short periods of time followed by an active or inactive recovery period. There are many methods and exercises that can be incorporated into a HIIT session. 1 thing that is constant is the effort level which is almost or is to your maximum, anything less and you wont get the best results

Here are some reasons below to train HIIT



Who is it for?

HIIT workouts are short and intense making it great for those who have little or no time to train. Even for those who HATE training in the gym. only 30 minutes HIIT session needed to burn just as many calories as running for an hour on treadmill


Reasons to love HIIT




Burns Fat Quickly!

Looking to lose some extra body fat? HIIT can do this faster than any other method

As you are training almost maximum, the effects of training can be felt 24-48 hours after the workout. elevating your metabolism to high levels therefore burning fat for hours




Crazy Calorie Burner!

As your metabolism is increased, so has your need for food. Training full body during HIIT, especially with resistance will have you absolutely starving. You will need to fuel up so it is possible that by eating more (as long as your macros are not OTT) you can still shred fat.




Reasons to love HIITNo Equipment needed!

Whats great about HIIT is that no equipment is needed or any equipment can be used. Ive used all almost all pieces of equipment in the gym, sometimes not by choice due to busy gyms, and still my workouts leave me in the same crippled sorry state I always leave the gym

Here is a post for tips how to use kettlebells. click here



Lose fat and not muscle!

Doing steady pace cardio can do more harm than good, especially long duration, as it seems to promote muscle loss. Studies have came to light that training HIIT and resistance training can actually Maintain muscle mass while torching fat.




Reasons to love HIITBoredom no way!

I rarely have a session that is the same. ~Using HIIT its easy to use over exercises or split time methods. From sprints to Olympic lifts to bodyweight exercises you can use just about anything for your workouts.

Remember the more variety you use for your workouts, the less chance your body will get used to training ie no plateau more gains

check out this post on tips to changing your gym program here


Wherever whenever!

Where is best? you can train ANYWHERE? from sunny beaches to dark and dingy gyms to even your own living room. Use you imagination and keep things fresh by changing workouts frequently, unless you enjoy it of course


Reasons to love HIIT

Great bodys are earned and not given. Remember the rule to HIIT is to train near your max. It is tough but well worth it

If you are ever after a good Post–Workout Drink try this.


Well what are you waiting for?

Reasons to love HIIT#trainhard



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