Lets Talk About Posture


Lets Talk About Posture

Lets Talk About Posture


If your shoulder blades are sitting a yard apart instead of an inch apart you will end up with a dysfunctional rotator cuff leading to shoulder problems


This indicates the shoulder is internally rotating towards your chest. Also your head is probably leaning too far forward as well.


What does this lead to? well this will impact on your strength, as your body is forced to make adjustments to deal with the resistance.

When this happens your body’s structure is out of alignment meaning some muscles, somewhere, are over compensating for this dysfunction while others under-perform or stagnate in training.



Lets Talk About Posture

Posture and gait analysis are the key to this. In some cases i have told people to REGRESS their training in order to progress.


I don’t want to keep boring you with this as you are probably sitting too long reading this (head forward, shoulders leaning forward, arched back) so i’ll post more information on this at a later date.




For more information on how you maximise your training by myofasical release(MFR) and retension check out functional patterns on instagram/youtube and sign up to my newsletter

Kettlebells are excellent for posture alignment. You can check out the post here with almost all different kettlebell moves



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