Fat Loss Top 10 Tips

Fat Loss Top 10 Tips

Here are a list of Fat Loss Top 10 Tips to help you get ripped. Some to do with diet, exercises and confidence. All 3 are linked together to make a better you. Check them out!


Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 1. Prep for the week

Prepare for the week ahead. You may have heard the old saying fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It works! get out and buy yourself some tupperware tubs for your meals and snacks.

Shop early and batch cook. this way you can store your food in the fridge or freezer making them easy pickings if your day does not go as planned.

Also buy your supplements in advance so you dont run out. Here is a list of supplements i usually go for. Click here



 Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 2. Drink water

Ditch the flavoured water and any other sugary drinks. Even the ones with zero calories in.

Water will keep you hydrated throughout the day whereas sugary drinks increase your calorie intake.

Sugar is a quick fix of energy that will bring you up quickly but also bring you back down quickly, leaving you wanting to have more. not good. Stick to water when trying to burn fat.



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 3. Up your daily activities

If you train 3 times per week in the gym and spent the rest of the day in bed or on the couch watching 100 episodes of netflix, you will be doing more bad than good. There are 24 hours in the day and in general we sleep around 6/9 hours so what are you doing for the rest of those hours.

By doing an outdoor activity each period of the day morning/ early afternoon/ late afternoon/night (maybe) you will keep the heart rate up in bursts throughout the day and also keep yourself from getting bored which usually means a short trip to the fridge!

So get yourself to the gym, classes or do some homeworkouts for at least 30minutes. you have no excuse really

HIIT workouts at home are popular and you can find them here



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 4. Avoid Fad Diets

Any fad is dangerous harmful to you because

A: starving yourself is defo never a good idea

B. You end up yo-yo dieting going from 1 extreme to another. People doing this usually end up putting on more unwanted fat.

Eating consistently is the key. A calorie deficit of 500 each week should be enough to keep you losing weight without diving into the biscuit tin at the end of the week while losing weight. Calories also help you tone so you dont want to cut them out completely.



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 6. HIIT training for Fat Loss

HIIT has been shown to be very effective for burning fat. As much as 30 minute session of HIIT can burn up to the same as an hour of steady state cardio session!

HIIT is also very adaptable to the environment and to the person so can be altered to suit. As long as you keep your heart rate high throughout the session. no rest for the wicked!

Click here on more info about HIIT training



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 7. Lift Heavier Weights!

Strength and conditioning is also excellent for fat burning. People who dont prefer the HIIT training may revert to this type of training. Increasing the weight to tone/gain muscle more.

The more muscle you have the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the working muscles therefore using more calories even at rest!!

Remember muscle weighs heavier than fat but is much LESS DENSE. This means that you may put pounds on but lose a massive amount of inches around target areas.

Check out my top resistance exercises here


Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 8. Train Harder

If you have been training a while and you are jumping from program to program. Up the intensity by lifting heavier resistance or longer sets.

This will make the reps a little more uncomfortable than normal but your body will adapt to the stress and grow. As much as a 5% increase in resistance is enough to progress.



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 9. Do Your Thing!

Dont have your head turned by people in work telling you otherwise when they are sitting chewing a mars bar or nursing a hangover, do it yourself for yourself and over time everyone will be asking YOU how you lost weight.

You will feel a lot happier for it.

Calories are the key, dont count them out or dismiss them as they all add up!



Fat Loss Top 10 Tips – 10. Cheat meal not cheat days

I always laugh at this one. People telling me they eat well omnday to friday and then come saturday night out and sunday dinner pints and takeaway.

I like to tell my clients that a 1/2 high carb MEALS a week is ok(ish) but a high carb DAY probably undoes all the hard work you have done.


Enjoy night time a cheat meal then get back to the grind the following day


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