Build Muscle Fast

Build Muscle FAST!!!

Below I have listed exercises that will build lean muscle fast. All exercises use a lot of muscles, some more than others, and can be done as a part of a strength and conditioning program. I lift from heavy to light regularly and do split sets to gain size but full body or half body workouts to shred down. What is really important is to train until failure but with good form



Question: Why these exercises?

These exercises are extreme compound exercises therefore use half or most muscles in the body. Compound exercises are multi-joint movement patterns that work several muscles or muscle groups in one movement.

A Good example would be a Barbell Squat. All the muscles in upper leg and core are under strain in 1 movement ie Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Adductors, Abductors and Abdominal, Obliques and Lower Back areas. It is worth noting that while doing any exercise squeeze as many muscles as you can on either the concentric/eccentric part of the exercise. Doing this will work more muscles in 1 movement.


Can the exercises be done by anyone?

It is important to learn the form first before adding resistance. Not doing this can result in a serious overload on a particular muscle and also posture problems.

Speak with your gym instructor or qualified trainer. You can check out videos below.

Be careful when you ask gym users, some are who I call preachers and can give out information that is not right.





Thrusters – click for video

Basically a squat and press. The movement is fluid. Pressing as you stand up with the barbell and locking out. This exercise is a favourite with Crossfit. Crossfitters love to release the barbell at the top of the repand let it drop to the floor. This means you are missing out on the negative phase of the lift and only 1/2 repping. Don’t get me wrong here, if you are working for time by all means it is quicker but for building muscle we definitely don’t want to skip negatives.





Dumbbell Burpees – click for video

Everyone knows what a Burpee is, especially if you are a fan of HIIT sessions. This bodyweight exercise works full body if you add a push up at the end. My variation is holding onto Dumbbells for added resistance. Legs really feel the burn as do traps and shoulders. Be careful of your back though as it may pull your spine out of its neutral position.





Overhead Dumbbell Lunges – click for video

As we know Lunges are a leg workout. With resistance above your head it increases the load on your legs and also forces your core to work on stability. Personal fav





Barbell Press

By gripping wide it gives you a bigger hit on your delts than dumbbells do. try seated with no back rest for a harder progression.






Massive lift. exposes any weaknesses in your back or legs by bring your spine out of neutral position. A must in any program as it works just about everything. I prefer to use no belt so that I engage my core during the lift.






Front squats/back squats are excellent lower body lifts and also works core if you don’t use a belt. Try getting down to the bottom of the lift(past hips) and keep shoulders high. This will further extend hit glutes





Pull ups

Excellent for strength training as you are pulling your own bodyweight. Add dumbbells for added resistance or use bands to help give your reps a helping hand


Remember to squeeze every muscle from the top to the bottom of the rep for maximum effort




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