Demi Stokes Interview

buy priligy in south africa Demi Stokes Interview. This interview took place in 7/10/2013

buy Methocarbamol uk In this interview we talk about Demi’s training regime, tips how to get play/train at the highest level and her time studying in the USA.


Questions Name and occupation. : where to buy priligy D emi stokes and student athlete

Fav football team : I like to watch Barcelona

Position : Forward

Clubs and previous: Sunderland 24/7, Boldon CA Girls FC, Sunderland WAFC

Heroes: My nan

Fav food: My favourite food is chicken, so anything with chicken

What do you do in your free time? I like to go to the movies, cook and workout

Career highlight :

Playing In the f.a cup final against arsenal and attending the u20s World Cup.


Lets talk about your training and eating habits…


Deadlift/snatch/ clean personal best:

110kg dead lift,72.5 kg clean and snatch I have not done.

What type of training are you doing at the minute?

ATM because I’m in season I train everyday for 2 hours and play two games a weeks which are Friday and Sunday. I do core, push ups and pull ups when I can.


How important is strength and conditioning to your sport?

It’s very important because it trains your body to be able to move efficiently when playing on the field and it’s important to be strong and powerful to perform to your best



Any tips to avoid injuries?

Get plenty of sleep, nutrition is vital and stretch as this is help a lot.

What fitness aspects to you focus on more because of your sport? 

Cardio based so three sets of 10mins x 3 at 80% and I like to box with helps with my fitness because it’s short and intense so pad work which would be 3mins x 5.


What would your match day eating plan look like?

My match day eating plan I would get up early even if its a night time game and get a good breakfast in about 9 which would consist of an omelette, bagel, and oatmeal.

Around 12 I would get some kind of pasta dish so mainly spaghetti meatballs and then at 2 we have pre game meal with my team which would consist of pasta, chicken, vegetables.

During the day I will just relax so watch a movie, staying off my feet. The closer is gets to kick off I will think about the game but I don’t like to think about it too much to a point were I’m overwhelmed.







How important is nutrition to your training?

Nutrition is really important they 80% of your nutritional and 20% is the training. I feel like if you don’t get it right you can’t perform to the best. I personally feel sluggish if my diet isn’t right I don’t feel like I can function right and I fatigue very quickly.


Demi Stokes Interview – Advice, USA and Match-day Motivation

What advice would you give to any aspiring young footballer who would want to play at the highest level?

I think the best advice to give someone who wants to play at the highest level is the ability to say no.

When we are young we want to hangout with our friends maybe go to sleep overs etc and that’s ok but sometimes you have to say no.

You have to put in extra work whilst others are not.



What do u think the main differences are playing football in USA and England?

I think the game in the states is a lot faster because of the athletic standard out here everyone you play again are athletes the technical ability is still good but I feel like in England the game is very technical.


Take me through your prep for match-days from when you arrive at the ground ie.motivation?/lucky charms?

For my match pre when I arrive in the locker room a will just sit and relax. Some of my team mates like to dance and we all respect each other’s preferences.

1 hour before I will head out to the field I will take a shower which makes me feel fresh and ready to go.

After my shower I will massage my calls and quads and then put my warm up gear on. I always have to put my left sock of first then my right and I have to put my left sock on my right foot and my right sock on my left..weird I know haha. My coach will then come and talk to us/motivsted and we head out to the field.


Demi Stokes Interview – Grassroots Football

How important was playing grassroots football to you and what would you change to make the grassroots game better?

I think playing football from a young age is important from a young age is important and helps you develop a great understanding of the game. I don’t think I would have changed anything because I think the development of the women’s games is constantly growing.

Thanks Demi for your time. We wish you all the best in your football journey!

Update: Since leaving the USA Demi was signed by Manchester City and has established herself as an regular England International. Keep up the good work Demi!!


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