Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips

Chest Exercises Top 5 TipsChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

Here is a list of chest exercises top 5 tips to make your chest grow. You may find some are already in your list and some are not.


Depending on your goals affects what tempo/speed you perform the reps at. Later i will be posting about tempo training and its methods on my site. These exercises work for people who want to burn fat tone up and or build muscle.


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Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips – Accentuated Chest Press/FlyChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

For me this is a must. This exercise focus is on the negative part of the lift (the downward phase) so basically you are making 1 rep twice as hard.

It is important to choose a resistance this heavy otherwise you may as well fly both phases of the rep.


  1. Pick a weight that you CANNOT fly on but you can press
  2. Press the weight as normal then rotate hands so that palms facing each other
  3. SLOWLY fly until chest height then bring them back into your chest to press them again



Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips – Bench PressChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

For me more of a strength exercise as you dont get the mobility to bring your arms together at the top of the rep. nevertheless 1 of the most fundamental lifts to do.

Grip wider than shoulder width to hit chest more and incline bench to hit a higher region of chest.

Remember it is important to start and finish above chest.

Common mistakes are when people go more towards shoulders. This does not work your chest

  1. Lie down and start with bar directly above forehead
  2. Grip wide with knuckles facing upwards so knuckles in line to elbow joint
  3. Bring off the rack and lock out arms directly above chest. Breathe
  4. Slowly bring bar to chest(no bouncing and to nipple line) pause and explode back above chest



Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips – Cable Incline Chest FlyChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

Incline the bench to high a higher part of your chest. Cables are excellent for squeezing your chest at the top as you can cross over your hands to finish. Be sure to change hands crossing over each other so you do not have an imbalance  on chest (can happen)

Another good tip is you squeeze with your end (pinky) finger, this will hit the bottom part of your chest more and stay away from those dominating front delts

  1. Put bench between cables and seat incline midway (seat 3/4)
  2. Choose light weight and stand up grab cables 1 after another then lie down
  3. Concentrate on keepin back flat on seat, belly button in and fly the cables so that grips finish above chest
  4. slowly bring cables back down in line with chest for 1 rep



Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips – Underhand Grip Cable flyChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

These are another exercise that will mainly the bottom of the chest depending where you finish at the top of the rep.

Do these standing up with cables starting in line with chest will make you use MORE muscles to stabilise yourself while you fly the rep out.

I prefer to NOT use the handles and grip the cables for a better underhand grip (so palms facing upwards)

  1. Align cables to mid height so that your chest is starting in line
  2. grip underhand palms facing up and split stance (1 leg in front of other)
  3. belly button in all times and fly the cables until palms fingers touching keeping your tummy tucked in
  4. slowly bring cables back until in line with chest again without any body shift from hips



Chest Exercises Top 5 Tips – Standing Plate Push OutsChest Exercises Top 5 Tips

A personal favourite of mine and excellent finisher/burner after a heavy chest set. because the grip is close you hit right down the sternum/mid chest for a awesome pump.

Pause at the top of the rep to fatigue to failure and push palms/fingers together tightly.

  1. Hold plate between palms at chest with fingers pointing outwards horizontally
  2. While maintaining neutral position push plate out fully at chest height and squeeze at the top
  3. Bring plate back to chest to finish


Good luck with the exercises. Any further questions or info you can can message me on my facebook page here

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