Changing Gym Program

Changing Gym Program

This post is about training long hours in the gym each week for months without any gains. I am going to tell you some reasons behind this and show you how to change your training program

Changing Gym Program – Same old same old programChanging Gym Program
See the same faces at the same times every session and day dream often. Ask yourself when was the last time you thought about changing gym program.
If longer than 3 month you have probably got used to the same routine and you know what is coming next. No fear so no nervous adrenaline rushes that’ll make you feel sick.
Have a total change to your program and ask yourself why you are training i.e. to get fit, marathon, get massive(common!) shred. Have goals that you want to achieve, the best ones I use are lifts and certain routines to do as quick as possible.
Here are a list of exercises I include in my training programs to build lean muscle and shred fat. Click here
Changing Gym Program – Lifting the same weights using the same methodChanging Gym Program
Still struggling with the 20kg presses? Ask yourself do you attempt to lift them at the same point at every session. Standard ‘chest days’ are 3 sets of 10 increasing weight each time. By the time you have got to your 3 set you have probably burnt yourself out therefore ‘70% fresh’ before lift.
Other alternatives to increasing weight each set would be to drop set/ change tempo of rep. Do partial reps or change from dumbbells to barbell/cables to mix it up
Changing Gym Program – Rest day? NeverChanging Gym Program
After that heavy lift week your body is in bits but as you hit your PB (personal best) u have other ideas ..Yes ..lift more!! To put your body under that strain can lead to injuries, fatigue then possibly depression because you cannot hit your PB. After all that you end up stop going for a while.
I recommend having a rest week in week 4/6 of your program, preferably not to do anything that week however if your like me and you cant keep away from the gym, I prefer to have random HIIT cardio or HIIT challenges which are not as intense as normal sessions but still work up a sweat.
Changing Gym Program – No Motivation
Find a friend, you know them people you see session in the gym. Why not use your sense and train alongside them. They probably have the same problems if you have seen them every day so would make an ideal gym partner. Together you can motivate each other, help each other get your goals.
 Changing Gym Program
Ask an experienced gym instructor for advice if unsure, if they are decent enough they would be happy to take time out and help you go through your program and motivate you along the way.
If all else fails there is also the personal trainer option online or local. Be carfeul what you pay for and weigh up if it is worth what your goal is. There are some monster prices going around but also some that are worth well worth their money.
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